About Us

Our company was founded in a small town, nestled in the heart of Asturias, Spain. A place where our paths crossed once again

after a long road full of travels and experiences which have enriched and strengthen this dream that is now a reality thanks to our clients.

We are a team with an entrepreneurial spirit dedicated to what we do. We would like to share with you a new method of learning a foreign language always keeping in mind the satisfaction of our students.

The coming together of our different backgrounds makes this a team full of creativity, energy, professionalism and commitment.

Our instructors are carefully selected, looking for that common objective which unites us, and we hope it’s reflected in each one of our services: the passion for teaching.

Carlos Pérez

Enthusiastic, bilingual teacher with more than 7 years of experience teaching English and Spanish to kids and adults. He specializes in creative workshops in English, turning learning into a game.

With a Degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico, USA, he works for a prestigious English academy in Gijon, Asturias, where he teaches kids English in a classroom setting, as well as in an online-learning academy based in Beijing teaching Spanish to kids.